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A stranger to the "covenants of promise" is one who is party to a covenant, but doesn't know the nature, provisions or promises of that covenant. Craig explains in this series, what a blood covenant is and how you can experience in your life the power and provision of your covenant with God. In Blood Covenant II, the dialogue Job had with God is discussed in the context of Job's blood covenant, providing an enlightening view of the sovereignty of Almighty God vs. man's authority on earth.

6 CDs Total time 4 Hours 50 Minutes

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2 Reviews

Karen Alban Apr 3rd 2019

Blood Covenant 1

This is one of the best teachings I have ever heard. Foundational. Everyone needs to know this. Very exciting Truth!

Nichole G. Jun 16th 2018

Covenant Teaching

After just finishing the first CD I can honestly say my entire understanding of scripture, the blood of Jesus, and the “story” God is telling is forever changed. My small group opened up our Bibles and Strong’s alongside the teaching and scrutinized the concepts being taught within the original Hebrew language. We can’t wait for our next meeting to start the second CD!

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