Bar Barakah Interview - DVDs

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This DVD includes 4 sessions of Craig Hill teaching on the importance of blessing in the lives of children and adolescents and how to plan a blessing ceremony. ("Christian Bar Mitzvah") Taped at Trinity Television, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; 1998. 1...
Where Have All the Leaders Gone? - DVDs

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What is your mindset? In what category do you fall as a leader? Craig uses Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow Quadrants (ESBI) to explain why so many of us fall short of our expectations and desires in business or ministry. If you have ever said, “I...
Ice Cream Wars: A Parable about Relational Communication - DVDs

5 stars

Husbands - Have you ever wondered why it sometimes seems your wife is falsely accusing you? No matter how hard you try, it seems impossible to please your wife. Wives - Why does your husband seemingly refuse to admit when he makes a mistake and hurts...
Advanced Leadership Dynamics - DVDs

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Advanced Leadership Dynamics contains the following two video teachings: 1) Advancing Through the Quadrants: Advancing Through the Quadrants is a natural follow-up to Craig’s DVD teaching, Where Have All The Leaders Gone DVD. In this teaching,...