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As a "thank you" for your donation, we will send you a BONUS audio teaching on "Sparrow Faith"!

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2 Reviews

Edith Hurley May 22nd 2019

Thank You

I pray God continue to bless you and the ministries of FFI.

Kim Yates Mar 23rd 2018


I am so grateful to the Lord for having come across your teachings that I am sure are from the Holy Spirit. Your ministries is where I am fed, encouraged, and taught. I'm currently working on a budget with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and via your G.O.O.D plan. Using the spreadsheet program to actually see when we can get out of debt and ESPECIALLY the fact that is SO MUCH sooner then I ever imagined..... is a joy that I
cannot easily express, but the Lord knows!! Most of this debt has dragged on for more than 15 years.... my way of tackling it has only chipped at the surface and never overcome the interest of most of the credit cards. So to see that I can actually pay off the credit cards ( $30,000.00 debt ) in less then 2 years and both the mortgage and home equity loan ( 145,000.00 debt) in less then 5 years has my heart and my face smiling!! And I cannot quit thanking Jesus. I know my heart... that God is my source. We are self employed and are subject to seasonal swings but I know with all my heart ... that God will send the work and He will enable the debt to get paid off, and He will enable us to save and get prepared for retirement even at this late stage of our lives ( 53 & 52 yrs. old ) I see that this is very much doable now, Praise God!! God bless you, your families and your ministries with peace, and a protective hedge around you all, and to flood your hearts and minds with His grace, His glory and His love. Amen.

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