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A stranger to the "covenants of promise" is one who is party to a covenant, but doesn't know the nature, provisions or promises of that covenant. Craig explains in this series, what a blood covenant is and how you can experience in your life the power and provision of your covenant with God.

In Blood Covenant II, the dialogue Job had with God is discussed in the context of Job's blood covenant, providing an enlightening view of the sovereignty of Almighty God vs. man's authority on earth.

7 CDs Total Time 5 Hours 14 Minutes


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Karen Alban Apr 3rd 2019

Blood covenant 2

Blood covenant 2 continued to be excellent for the most part. Not convinced on the viewpoint on Job but doesn't hurt to give it some thought:) Disc 6 is very muffled for awhile. Cannot understand it. A transcript would be nice. Not quite sure i can put into words regarding disc 7 when Craig Hill talks about people he has married without knowing about the seriousness of covenant in an open forum. He speaks about their marriage not be acceptable before God basically. If these people had kids now we're telling them it brings God glory to tear their family apart? I know he said He was leaving it up to them.
The decision was made without the knowledge. God still protected the Gibeonites. If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse of from all unrighteousness. What about Grace? Ended a bit on a bad note for me. I will encourage people to learn about the Blood covenant.

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