Ice Cream Wars: A Parable about Relational Communication - DVDs

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Husbands - Have you ever wondered why it sometimes seems your wife is falsely accusing you? No matter how hard you try, it seems impossible to please your wife. Wives - Why does your husband seemingly refuse to admit when he makes a mistake and hurts you? He justifies, defends and acts like you are the one with the problem. These experiences are very common to many marriages. Why? In this DVD, will learn the answer and three key steps you can take that will change this dynamic in your marriage. This unique teaching from Craig Hill is accompanied by a parable (a story that teaches a message) dramatized in several segments, illustrating how the relational conflict over the price of ice cream could be avoided and even become an opportunity to identify and remove the deeper issues that cause such conflicts.

1 DVD 53 Minutes

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1 Review

Chuck Gilmore Mar 19th 2018

Good subject matter!

Would have been to know if we were teaching a group that cards were also needed.

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