Six Secrets to Breaking Barriers - Online Course

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In this six lesson course, Craig Hill shows you how to break through your spiritual, emotional, or financial barriers without having to spend $10,000 or $15,000 on personal counseling or life coaching.

The real key to breakthrough in any area of life is alignment of heart and mind.
Often, your mind embraces the vision, but your heart doesn't believe you can pull it off.
So, in reality, the expression of your life's vision will never exceed your own heart's definition of yourself.
But when God aligns your spirit, heart, and mind to truly get on the same page, congruent with His purpose and vision for your life, you will break the spiritual and natural barriers that have up until now blocked the fulfillment and manifestation of your vision.
This course will lead you through a process that will accomplish exactly that kind of alignment.
Can you imagine what your life would be like if you got just one revelation from this course that led to a breakthrough in the most significant area of your life, such as finances, marriage, confidence, career or life purpose?!
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