The Truth About Deception Pt 1: True vs The Truth - CDs

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The Truth About Deception is a three-part teaching by Craig Hill, based on his first book, Deceived, Who Me?. Part 1,True vs. the Truth focuses on our three-part being (spirit, soul and body) and the truth of our salvation in Messiah versus how we see what is true about ourselves (our flesh). This teaching will help you begin to identify the root causes of the good and bad seed coming from the fruit in your life. You will also learn how to go to God for THE TRUTH when your soul gets out of peace and your flesh begins to rise up to try to provide the truth. Through God Word, Craig will show the power of the combination of your soul salvation, your mind renewal and your faith as you learn to consistently come to the Father to answer the question, Who am I?

2 CDs Total Time 1 Hour 51 Minutes


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